Rebar Bundles and Applications
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`Milanov & Son` Ltd. Is a major wholesaler of rebar steel bundles and coils in Bulgaria with annual turnover of more than 22 000 tons. Recently the company expanded its business into the other countries in the region by establishing regular and secure deliveries. The steel offered is always first grade with all the necessary certificates and bearing the internationally renowned S500s grade. Please feel free to contact us for a price quote. The company has two rebar application yards on the territory of Sofia city and manufactures more than 15 tonnes finished fitting production of rebar applications per day. This process is part of the company`s efforts to constantly increase the range of services, offered to its clients. That way, in addition to crude armature steel trading, the company also aims to fulfil all factors of building process` organization.

The exceptionally competitive prices and the correctly kept deadlines are all part of the professional image of the company.

*The finished production of rebar applications is weighed with an electronic scales- a guarantee for maximum accuracy. The table shown on the previous page is just a reference tool.

**As representatives of Stomana Industry, the rebar applications, as well as all the other merchant bars, are one of the most qualitative steel products in the EU and are sold on a very competitive prices.

Ф 6КАНГ.0.262 кг/м
Ф 8КАНГ.0.359 кг/м
Ф 10КАНГ.0.618 кг/м
Ф 661.35
Ф 862.4
Ф 1063.7
Пл.ф 1265.5
Пл.ф 1467.5
Пл.ф 1669.5
Пл.ф 18612.1
Пл.ф 20615
Пл.ф 22618.2
Пл.ф 24622.2
Пл.ф 25624
Пл.ф 26626
Пл.ф 28630
Пл.ф 30634.5
Пл.ф 32638.5
Пл.ф 34643.3
Пл.ф 36648.5
Пл.ф 40661
Пл.ф 42669.6
Пл.ф 50694.5
Пл.ф 606138
Пл.ф 706182
Пл.ф 806244
Пл.ф 906300
Пл.ф 1006370
№ 8 124.7
№ 10127.5
№ 121210.7
№ 141214.6
№ 161219.2
№ 181224.3
№ 201229.8
№ 221235.9
№ 251247